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The office building materializes effectiveness of the company. The building is positioned on a leveled ground, while the main entrance to the parking lot is directly connected by a pedestrian pier, the level of ground-level garden finds a lower pitch or more rooms are protected and scalable. The great strength of this project lies in modularity and flexibility: all the premises are established in a manner as to provide different functions. The ensemble archives currently planned will eventually become noble reception areas, study, public reception or a new presentation of the company. The facade follows the image of efficiency and modularity: the openings ensure views of standing or sitting on the inside, opacities between apertures receive and optimize storage and archiving capacity. This system allows you to find the parallel rate der perforation optimized front to ensure the building's energy performance. The prioritization of project components ensures economic efficiency of the project.

Client: Actualis
Location: Laval (53), France
Budget: € 1,200,000 excluding all tax
Net floor area: 1 066 sqm
Team management:
Architects> Jean Baptiste Colboc + CFA
Project Manager> Géraud Pin Barras
Beginning of studies: 2006
Delivery date: October 2008
Program: Office Building - Corporate Headquarters
Photographer: Cécile Septet

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