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Benjamin Colboc, Manuela Franzen and Arnaud Sachet make up the Franco-German trio at this Parisian agency established in 2004.
Benjamin Colboc and Manuela Franzen started working together in 2000. They have won several awards including the 2001 CIBBAP housing for the homeless prize. They won a 2003/2004 ‘Nouveaux albums des jeunes architectes’ award and founded their agency immedia­tely afterwards. Arnaud Sachet became a partner in 2007. The three young architects now work together and manage a team of 8 people (6 architects, an office manager and a communication assistant).
Their current work covers housing projects, public amenities and office buildings, both in France and abroad (especially in Germany and China). They draw widely on their great curiosity for building projects anywhere and everywhere.
The agency’s first completed projects are:
- Multimedia library for Montauban city council, 2013
- Restructuring and extending Vaucanson secondary school in Tours, 2012
- 70 council flats in Aubervilliers, 2012
- 35 council flats in Rouen, 2012
- Infants’ centre for Lomme town council (northern France), 2012
- 71 flats in Sète, 2011
- Neighborhood centre of l’Arbrisseau in Lille, 2011
- Fiteco head office in Laval, 2010
- 76 flats in Massy Palaiseau, 2010
- Offices for Actualis in Château-Gontier, 2009
- Local office of the Val d’Oise Chamber of Trade, 2009
- House in Sèvres known as ‘Maison R’, 2009
- Loft in Paris, 2008
- 67 flats in Laval, 2008
Projects in progress:
- 52 flats in Nanterre
- House in Ordos (Inner Mongolia, China)
- Restructuring of the Chapellies area of Brive-la-Gaillarde
- Leonardo de Vinci secondary school in Saint-Germain-en-Laye
- OPUS11 district at Blagnac
- Business incubator in Joigny
Projects at planning stage:
- 80 council flats in Emancé
- Hotel an residential complex at Alaior, Minorca
- 70 council flats in Grenoble
- Office at Champs-sur-Marne
The agency also takes part in international competitions, notably for the Czech National Library (selected for the second round) and the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra Building in Skopje, which was chosen by the jury in 2007.
The agency also takes on urban and lands­caping projects such as the reorganisation of Chapellies area of Brive-la-Gaillarde or a study for the requalification of the town of Vélizy-Villacoublay.
Finally, the agency also designs custom-built furniture for its ongoing projects.


Benjamin COLBOC
Architect DPLG - School of architecture Paris-Belleville - 2003
Winner of the "Nouveaux Albums de la jeune architecture 2004/2006"
Interventions in differents schools of architecture: Saint-Luc - Tournai (B), School of architecture in Malaquais - Paris (F), School of architecture in La Villette - Paris (F), School of architecture in Versailles - Versailles (F)
Regular participation in juries of the architectural competitions

Architect ENSAIS - 2001
Interventions in school of architecture : ENSAIS - Strasbourg (F), ESAG Pennighen - Paris (F), Fine arts School - Saint-Brieuc (F)

Engineer architect, Technical University of Hanover - 2000
Winner of the "Nouveaux Albums de la jeune architecture 2004/2006"
Interventions in differents school of architecture: Frei Universität - Berlin (D), School of architecture of Malaquais
Teacher at the School of architecture of Versailles - Versailles (-F)
Regular participations in juries of architectural competitions

Architect DPLG - School of architecture Paris-Belleville - 2006

Architect HMONP - School of architecture Paris-Malaquais - 2007

Théophile MARMORAT
Architect HMONP - School of architecture of Versailles - 2007

Catherine BRUNINI
Management assistant

Audrey MUSTO
Communication manager

Giorgia Aurigo
Camille Balency
Floriane Bataillard
Antonin Bohl
Julien Boulley
Coralie Bouscal
Virginie Carrion
Guillaume Choplain
Benedicte Chounet
Simon Clemencin
Raphaël Colboc
Julie Colin
Julien Colom
Eve Coston
Antoine Courdy
Jérôme Delaunay
Olivier Delbos
Simona Della Rocca
Zélie Denis
Marc Duatis
Théo Dumel
Stéphanie Etienne
Ulrich Faudry
Sara Fernandez Garcia
Fabien Filipi
Yann Follain
Sara Francescini
Grégory Frisson
Jérôme Garnier
Alexis Gauchet
Jérémy Gauvin
Corinne Gérard
Ricardo Guderzo
Carmen Guerra
Malik Hammadi
Kerstin Heller
Mizue Hirayama
Benjamin Jegu
Daniel Kaul
Nadège Lachassagne
Yann Legouis
François Lemaire
Louise Lemoine
Stéphanie Lorefice
Pierre Louvet
Julie Mafrand
Christophe Maignien
Clément Maitre
Anne Merlio
Agathe Michel
Matthieu Motreff
Céline Motte Moitroux
Audrey Musto
Anja Naumann
Solène Néron-Bancel
Flavio Partenope
Jean-Pierre Pommerol
Sandie Poriel
Clément Prevôt
Matteo Restagno
Clément Reychman
Théo Riboud
Fabien Riehl
Oana Rupacici
Hélène Salle
Jonathan Salomon
Bruno Sarles
Arthur Schmitt
Bruna Silva
Lorène Sommé
Alice Sorel
Aaron Sprecher
Christiane Szerement
Pauline Taboury
Ana Vida Pozuelo
Emmanuel Villoutreix
Pierre Vitart
Julia Von Sponeck
Lena Weis
Aesa Windels
Katharina Woicke
Selim Zaoui

CFA has the 2D and 3D tools to create and communicate architecture.
14 posts CAD (Pentium IV, AMD)
2 workstation 3D (dual xeon)
3 posts notebook (Pentium IV)
Drive, drive floppy disks, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM
Operating system:
Windows XP Professional Server, 3TB Storage
Art / acquisition:
1 plotter HP 800
1 A3 + printer HP deskjet 9650
1 copier / printer / scanner Canon Color Laser A3 c 3220
1 digital camera
1 fax / scanner Brother
Sotwares CAO
Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4, In-Design CS4
Microsoft Works (Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook)
Our office is located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, in the Belleville district. This is a neighborhood in flux, with contrasting architectures, a social fabric rich and varied: a perfect breeding ground for architecture. We have 140 m² with 2 meeting rooms and 4 workrooms.