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As the first step in a rather vague urban plan, the childcare centre taps into the unchanging elements of the site such as the park’s hundred-year-old trees, the boulevard, the nearby brick houses and the site’s industrial past. Our solution is brutally neutral. It is a block 30 metres wide, 60 metres long and 4.2 metres high. The bottom half is glass; the top half is made of oxidized steel. The glass reflects the streets, the park and the weeds in the adjacent plot, and sometimes, depending on the light and the point of view, appears virtually to disappear, making it seem as though the oxidized steel is floating in the air. The oxidized steel echoes the brick of the nearby houses, is reminiscent of the long walls of the original factory and sets off the sodden earth and tree bark hues of the park behind. The lower glazed part is subdivided by blind areas that house the service facilities and private areas. The upper, oxidized-steel part contains the building’s technical nerve system. Its underside is sculpted so as to create spaces of different sizes serving different purposes.

Client: City of Lomme
Location: Lomme (59) - France
Budget: € 2,500,000 excluding all tax
Surface: 1,277 m²
Architects agent > CFA
Mission> base + Executive + Partial CPB
Engineering firm> Fluids and HQE: BETHAC - Structure: IBAT - Economy: MET-BAT
Start of studies: winning competition project, October 2007
Delivery date: May 2012
A multi-group community day-care centre (40 places)
A family day-care centre (60 places)
A child/parent activity centre
A mother and child care centre (PMI)
Sustainable development :
HEQ program
- Harmonious relationship of the building with its immediate environment: simple massing – roof treatment as 5th façade.
- Economic energy management: dual-flow air handling units with heat recovery system – reinforced exterior insulating systems – performance monitoring
- Servicing and maintenance: ease of maintenance
- Hygrothermal comfort
- Acoustic and visual comfort: work on the theme of patios
Photographers: Olivier Wogenscky and Stephan Lucas

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