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The house is located in a narrow area, inclued between an industrial site and a crossroad, suburbs of Lathom – North of England. A lake, close to the site, remembers the presence of forgotten nature. The project is based on this natural presence, seeking at the same time to give confort and intimacy for the inhabitants The house is partially buried : thus, protected from external glances, the inhabitants can withdraw themselves and benefit there from the sun in an intimate patio. The roof becomes the principal frontage: while following the inhabitants activities, it reflects the portrait of their community; built out of glass, it evokes the gleaming surface of the close lake. This roof of glass bathes with natural lighting, a great space of common life, around whose the rooms and the patio revolve. The various implementations of the glass products make it possible to define each space: opaque / intimate, translucent /communication and exchange. The application of glass and the morphology of the house allow the respect of the environment: light and thermal comfort are conditioned by the glass blades of the roof, the thermal ground inertia offers heat in winter and freshness in summer. The rainwater is recovered and filtered in the patio, the thickness of the roof allows a natural ventilation. The energy balance of the house is thus optimized. The house proposed here thus associates high technologies and respect of nature in order to offer a comfortable framework of life in a hostile environment.

Client: Pilkington
Location: Lathom - Lancashire - Angleterre
Net floor area: 210 sqm 
Team management:
Architects agent > CFA
Associated architect > Sebastien Lemaire
Beginning of studies : 2001 - Mentioned project 
Exposed at the Dusseldorf building show – Germany
Program: house for 4 people

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