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The Groen Hoek site reminds the industrial waste lands form the 19th century. It tells the story of woods then steel shipyards used in this site until beginning of 20th century. Groen Hoek is not deprived of qualities: bordering Hudson, it profits from a fabulous sight on Manhattan. The nautical club establishment there gives developing possibilities for these potentials prolonging the site history. To reinforce the relation the area got with water, the ground contains in the site boundary is dug. The river invades the site. The cisterns are preserved, connected between them and with the ground closes by bridges. They draw a contemporary lake city. The nautical club settles there in the form of a flexible timber structure. This allows different uses: nautical club, restaurant, arts centre. The relationship inside/outside is established by the metal skin perforation of the cisterns. Based on the concepts of sight, light, protection and comfort, the metal perforation varies in densities and sizes. The existing external staircases carry out to the broad terraces on the roofs. From these view-points, users benefit of a unique sight on Manhattan.

Transformation of an industrial site, creation of a sailing club
Client: ENYA
Location: Bushwick Creek Inlet - Franklin St/N12th St - New-York - USA
Budget: € 3,600,000 excluding all tax
Net floor area: 2 000 sqm
Team management:
Architects > Colboc & Franzen architectes
Team > Benjamin Colboc, Manuela Franzen
Competition: January 2004
Project noticed by the jury
Exposed at the Center For Architecture, New York – USA

colboc franzen machu pichu

Machu Pichu