In an industrial area from the 19th century, the site has a large vegetal part, alongside a channel. Program consists on a night lodging house for homeless people. A temporary construction for people who don’t accept any social help was to be designed. "To accomodate without prohibiting "is the premise of the project. This is why our proposal consists in a common space without hierarchy, which protects from cold and bad weather. This protection is done through perforated stainless steel skin insulated by translucent polycarbonate. Easy of maintenance and robust, this skin maintains the relationship with the exterior: it lets pass the light and reflects on its not perforated parts the abundant vegetation. During the day, construction is integrated with much discretion in its site; the night it shows the possibility for the light inside and becomes light signal of heat and shelter. Inside, this great space commun run, allows the free site of individual modules: rooms and medical block and utilities are all removable. Their flexible provision makes it possible to correspond and react to the collective life while guaranteeing the respect of privacy. This approach makes possible the total prefabrication of all the project components. The assembly is simple, fast and flexible and can be done on place. Economy, robustness and maximum comfort are the Masters words of the project. The site remains what it is: a vast green extent enriched by a focus mark.

Location: Rue Hervé Bazin - 54000 Nancy France
Budget: 403 030 € included all tax
Net floor area: 380 sqm
Team management :
Architects > CFA
Beginning of studies: 2001 - project competition winner
Exposed at the French Architecture Institute 
Program : temporary accommodation for homeless people

colboc franzen stadium nanterre

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Indoor athletics stadium in Nantes

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Helsinki Central Library