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The project deals with the density in the periphery and in the heart of plot.
The periphery consists of two pads placed on a pedestal in equilibrium R +1. A dense mass of carved balconies gives some privacy to dwellings. The skin of concrete matrix plays on variations of colors and textures. Both plots are carved on alignments and setbacks from the street, rising to create inroads into the halls and heart block. The heart of the plot plays on the fragmentation of volumes, draws a skyline, creating the South to North crossing the gardens of the next building and offering only flats in double direction, with terraces on all floors. The apartments are all multi-oriented or traversing. A wide variety of types is created, not only throughout the operation, but also by level, creating a large stairwell social mix (from T2 to T5 duplex).

Client: Habitat Meunier
Location: Aubervilliers district "Landy Girls"(92) - France
Budget: € 5,309,842 excluding all tax
Net floor area: 5 573 sqm
Team management:
Architects agents > Ateliers 234
Architects Co-contractor > CFA
Project manager > Floriane Bataillard
Mission › base without DET with architectural monitoring
Beginning of studies: project competition winner, 2006
Delivery date: February 2012
Program: 70 social housing units with parking underground
Award: Silver Pyramid 2009 - Sustainable Develpment Price and Regional Price
Sustainable development :
Pyramides d’Argent 2009 : Grand Prix du Développement Durable et Grand Prix Régional
RT2005 - Label H&E
- Harmonious relationship of the building with its immediate environment
- Economic energy management: solar roof panels
- Water management: green roof
- Acoustic comfort
- Hygrothermal and visual comfort: dual-aspect flats
Photographer : Cécile Septet

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