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Rehabilitation Ward Chapel by the destruction of 176 homes and the construction of 108 residential units and individuals. The district is located in an urban situation of great potential: the historical center by fitting Avenue Georges Pompidou, presence of facilities within the district, a suburban surrounding tissue that enables the deployment of centrality, possible declination of scales between collective and individual housing. The proposed project seeks to develop this potential by simply restructuring the ways and seeks to establish an effective basis to install the housing program. It is therefore to provide a transition of scale from the individual to the collective, the wide-mesh flags to the density. Thus the proposed project is developing two strategies. It is connected to its suburban context by setting up housing T4 and T5 in the form of townhouses, flats or townhouses free. In this way the small scale is ubiquitous in the project and brings a wealth of volumetric variations.

Client: Office Public d'HLM Brive la Gaillarde
Location: Brive la Gaillarde (19)
Budget: € 11,000,000 excluding all tax
Net floor area: 9 000 sqm 
Project management:
Architects agent > CFA
Mission > basic
Engineering firms > All Corps of state: Coplan Toulouse - Economist: Alayrac
Beginning of studies: project competition winner, 2007 | Work in progress
Program: 108 residential units and individual

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