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The architectural sets up a system of three clearings. These three clearings are positioned according to the history and memory of the site:
- they occupy the space formerly occupied and respect the existing forest;
- they incorporate the large areas of landscape, the castle's history field Montlieu
- they provide a village level through the creation of three hamlets around their plot.
In this approach the road network highlights both the visual axis towards the castle as an integral part of the landscape, valleys, the park of the castle along the paths connecting the three openings in the geometry of the castle while constituting a circuit without deadlock. All three seats milking a different theme. However, they share their role centrality facilities they offer to the community: the wood boiler (optional), the sorting of waste, bicycles stands, services, etc.

Client: Opievoy
Location: Emancé (78)
Budget: € 8 020 000 HT
Surface: 7 750 sqm SHON
Architects agent › CFA
Engineering firms › Structure : IBAT - Fluids : BETHAC - Economy : Cabinet Poncet - Landscaping : Bertrand Paulet
Beginning of studies: project competition winner, August 2008 | Pro in progress
Programme: 80 housing units including 58 individual and 22 collective
Sustainable Development:
All units are labeled BBC - 50 kWh / m² / year
Water Management rain gutter drainage system landscape, phytopurification
Solar Hot Water Production
Wood Boiler

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