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Ampere. The seventy homes are located away from busy roads in the heart of this new district of the city of Massy. He is not here to build a city dense homogeneous and aligned templates, but the frame work as part of a landscape plant. Volumes built templates marry maximum allowed by city regulations. The surface constructed and won frees up land plain areas extending the gardens adjoining. It can also split the building into three volumes, which become three "rocks" posed in a garden. Almost all housing units are double or triple orientation. Stays, placed at the corners, enjoy the different contributions of natural light and natural ventilation effectively. To preserve their privacy, housing opening to the outside of the plot are extended by loggias breakthroughs in the mass of "rocks". The homes overlooking the garden isle of heart benefit when their large balconies projecting into the trees. The square openings random, the volume and variety of buildings to create housing combine to create this feeling of "living home".

Client: La Générale de Promotion
Location: MASSY
Budget: € 6,353,750 excluding all tax
Net floor area: 5365 sqm
Architects > CFA
Team > Benedicte Chounet Ulrich Faudry, Yann Follain, Gregory Frisson, Malik Hammadi, Geraud Pin-Barras, Pauline Taboury
Mission > base without DET + architectural monitoring
Project management of completion: Progerep
Developer: SEM MASSY
Beginning of studies: May 2006
Delivery Date: September 2010
Program: 72 units and 138 covered parking spaces
Sustainable Development:
Buildings compact
Housing oriented double
Connection to district heating
Woodworking aluminum thermal break, high performance glazing
Management of rainwater: optimization of absorption and retention areas before discharge
Optimization of areas in the ground: creating the "orchard" of the BIA.
Photographer: Cécile Septet

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