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The site dedicated to the proposed construction of 38 homes located in an area that is the subject of a major urban structure: the district Grammont. The project pursues the integration of urban neighborhood Grammont in the urban context of Rouen and Sotteville. Located between the two downtowns its location is strategically interesting area is connected to the urban core surrounding by a well-developed infrastructure: buses and trams, and little physical distance. These elements provide the basis for a project that allows the district Grammont to become an area of dense urban functions, equipment, mixing and wealth by the declination of spaces and uses, and to take an interesting place between Sotteville and Saint Sever . Finally the issue of quality of accommodation offered in a set is and will remain the keystone of the housing project, not least in the field of social housing. We seek to manage this issue mainly by two major criteria: The requirement that all homes are at least double orientation. The desire to provide a volume built durable and simple maintenance to ensure the sustainability of the service and the dignity that the project will be demonstrated during his life. This is not to propose an architecture subject to fashions or suffering from a weak implementation in the context of the time.

Client: Habitat 76
Location: Rouen district "Grammont" (76) - France
Budget: € 4,150,000 excluding all tax
Net floor area: 3,286 sqm 
Team management:
Architects agents > CFA
Project manager > Manuela Franzen
Team > Selim Zaoui, Géraud Pin-Barras, Yann Follain, Corinne Gérard, Sandy Poriel
Mission > Base + DET
Engineering firms > Structure: IBAT - Media: BETHAC - Economist: Bureau Michel Forgue
Beginning of studies: project competition winner, 2007
Delivered date: February 2012
Program: 33 collective housings and 5 individual housings, semi-underground parking
Sustainable development:
Label Cerqual Habitat & Environnement
TPHE : Cref - 20 %
Photographer: Cécile Septet

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