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A couple and their four children buy a new place in Paris. She comes from “les Vosges” and remembers either the cabins made out of pine wood and the blue color from the family house in Brittany. He comes from Belgium and wishes he could come across interiors warmth from his country again. Worried the children discover their parents’ purchase. Originally the place was a printing-house 72 sqm on the ground floor without any natural light, 216 sqm on the second floor creeping under a four story building toward the street and zenithaly enlightened. The place doesn’t have any views on the outside and light gets in through localized glass roofs. Historical and structural studies of the building indicate that the second floor was a workshop. It’s situated in the back of the plot and was linked to the main building on the street thanks to a small construction filling up an old courtyard.
A patio was recreated in a part of this construction to provide natural light to the second floor. Thanks to this patio a bedroom was created in the main building facing street, a kitchen was added in the other part of the small linking construction and a living/dining room was installed under the roof of the former workshop. The entirety is punctuated with blue area inspired by Brittany and Klein, and the old wooden floor is revealed. An old bar and a stove are installed. The couple is happy , but the children remain skeptical: “where are our bedrooms?” The floor space of the second floor corresponding to the non lightened floor space of the ground floor is destroyed. Thanks to the important high two news levels are rebuilt. Those new fittings provide enough space to create a triple high winter garden in the back of the plot. This winter garden will bring light to the six bedrooms of the program, and will become a real cathedral playground for the kids.
This brand new construction is quite like a construction kit, halfway between a piece of furniture and a building. The piling up of all those different thick windows allows multiple fittings: storage space, bookcase, desk, or simply an opening. All those windows are made out of pine wood roughly assembled. The wood is raw, in its natural state. The kids’ house has become an educational game where they do have fun… This new home meets their needs, they are satisfied.

Client: Private
Budget: 180 00 € excluding all tax
Net floor area: 180 sqm
Team :
Architect > CFA
Project Manager > Géraud Pin Barras
Project team > Floriane Bataillard, Ulrich Faudry, Mizue Hirayama, Bruna Silva
Beginning of studies : 2007
Delivery date: February 2008
Sustainable development: Energy-consuming: 65kw/h/sqm/year 
Program: Renovation of an old printing-house to create an apartment 
Photos: Cécile Septet

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