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The Andes landscape is splendid. Confrontation between architectural project and this type of overscaled natural environment is a bet. On the peak top, a refuge with tourist vocation was to be installed. The program envisages a modest 20 rooms inn and 2 common rooms. The site and the organization of this construction were to be defined in the proposal. Only the access by cable car was indicated. In such a context, virgin, the adopted position is: minimal intervention: the refuge is a ecological, autonomous and temporary, removable structure. In its expression, it seeks to be connected with rocks and clouds. The building is made of prefabricated and héliportables volumes. Three-dimensional triangulated beams, elements are all posed and superimposed on the plate. The structure integration inside these volumes releases the frontages of very required carrying and releases the sight of residents on the mountains. The result is a structure which seems like Incas constructions: on strengthened grounds of high mountain - andenarias - developping terraces as public places or small refuges. The energy autonomy devices are integrated in the project: photovoltaic cells providing energy, natural waste is recycled and of the sensors of fog filter the water of the clouds. It becomes extrusion of the mountain, opaque or translucent according to light, a refuge, a rock or a cloud.

High mountain refuge for tourism at Cuzco, Perou 
Client: Architectum
Location: Patacusi, Cuzco, Perou
Budget: € 1,080,000 excluding all tax
Net floor area: 800 sqm
Program : 20 bedrooms et 2 common spaces

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