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The chamber of Trades and Crafts of Val d’Oise (French department) decided in the mid 2000’s to create a professional training center for apprentices in Villiers-le-Bel (France). To highlight such a successful facility in such a difficult area, the administration decided to project its extension and its local branch on an adjoining site. This new building is composed of offices and professional training rooms accessible to the public. In order to develop the educational objective of the Chamber of Trades, the site plan was thought as a micro campus. Surrounding the park, the future extension will be settled at the edge of the site; the closest edge from the neighbouring school. On the north side of the park, the street Louis Perrin is rapidly expanding. On the south side, an highway linking La Francilienne (Parisian highway) to Garges-les-Gonnesse is being built. To answer those contextual appeals, the project fits into a non oriented circle addressing itself to everyone. The building was thought as a “folly”. The circle is divided into two halves along a north/south axis. The entrance faces the south, where the school and the bus stops are situated. The building can easily be located by everyone walking down the street. The north side of the building welcomes the six offices. Those workspaces have a view on the whole park and enjoy natural light all year long. Moreover the circular shape allows to optimize surfaces (20%): workspaces at the periphery and services in the center. As surface was gain the heated volume and the energy consumption were reduced. A perforated double skin is set up around the building to ensure both privacy and safety to users. The system also provides shade to interior spaces. Distant from the façade, it creates a terrace all around the building and extends the interior floor. The solar shading system is framed with 96 “arches” strictly identical and articulated in 3 points (foot, elbow, top). Those arches are anchored in the ground along an ellipse whereas they are attached to the roof along a circle. Perforated aluminum steel sheets are fixed on this frame thanks to rivet. Perforations vary according to the different aspects of the building.

Client: Chamber of Trades and Crafts in the Val d'Oise
Location: Villiers-le-Bel (95)
Budget: € 2,500,000 excluding fees
Surface: 500 sqm SHON
Project management:
Architects agent › CFA
Project Manager › Yann Follain
Team › Benjamin Colboc, Manuela Franzen, Jerome Garnier, Kerstin Heller, Géraud Pin-Barras, Arnaud Sachet, Pauline Taboury
Engineering firms › Fluids: BETHAC – Structure: C & E Engineering - OPC: CFA - Economist: CFA
Beginning of studies: project competition winner, June 2007
Delivery Date: December 2009
Program: 2 training rooms accessible to the public, cafeteria, 6 offices of 2 people welcoming the local office, kitchen, health, first aid.
Sustainable Development:
15 cm external insulation on concrete support to ensure the building's thermal inertia
Compactness of the building
Canadian Well
Double-flow ventilation
Roof terrace temperate vegetated infiltration of rainwater and participate in the preservation of wildlife and flora in urban areas
soil heating
Rainwater management: optimization of absorption zones, treatment of oil per tank, roof terrace vegetated
Heat balance: RT 2012 -20%
Photographer : Cécile Septet

colboc franzen head office fiteco laval change

Head office Fiteco

colboc franzen office champs marne

Offices in Champs-sur-Marne

colboc franzen office building actualis

Office building Actualis