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Is a very big program to go into a handkerchief: a 2,000-seat stadium with 3 hosting a major European rugby teams - racing the 92, four attached equipment (media center, restaurants, sports center, administration) and 35,000 sqm of office space for rent in a land area of 29,163 sqm.
We propose to install the rental office in a web of two levels covering the stands. Prospective tenants will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the business district of Defense, and a view overlooking the sports field. It is also a rugby stadium: the grass, preferably natural, must be outdoors. But to write off the cost of the stadium, the developer hopes to rent it for multiple events. To foster this versatility, noise and protect the homes bordering the stadium is desired recoverable by a system of movable roof.
We propose a drawbridge. The rugby field in natural grass, is to become the roof of the modular room. The geological structure, consisting of four lattice girder sixty feet high, supported at its four corners on pistons accompanied by a counterweight system. This structure becomes the technical grid position of the hall show. The pit in this room, ten meters below, can work in parallel time. This height is sufficient so that trucks can move about and thus pre-equipped room and grill technique. In high position, the lawn provides a sound buffer to the neighborhood. In settling the four corners of the stadium facilities. Terraces on pedestrian Nanterre take place restaurants and fitness center. Facing the future TGV station will house the media center and administration.
It is indeed a stage, but a city stadium, stadium careful urban morphology, size to fit into a lively and to preserve its human dimensions.

Client: Investment Ovalto Racing Aera
Location: Nanterre (92)
Budget: € 205,000,000 excluding all tax
Net floor area: 114 325 sqm
Architects > CFA
Engineering firms > Fluids : HL Technik München
Acoustic : Jean-Paul Lamoureux
Early studies: Competition June 2010
Program: Stage 32 000 seater convertible into a theater of 40,000 seats, media center, restaurants, sports center, 30,000 sq ft of office space for lease.

neighbourhood centre arbrisseau colboc franzen

Neighbourhood centre of L'Arbrisseau

colboc franzen groen hoek

Groen Hoek

colboc franzen high school vinci Germain Laye

High school Leonard de Vinci in Saint-Germain-en-Laye